Pregnancy and pregnancy symptom in pregnant women

Pregnancy and Pregnancy symptoms begin right from the moment of conception until there is a noticeable change before others would begin to see that you are really pregnant. Immediately after you conceive both your inner body and outer body begin to make some changes to nurture and nourish the growing baby in your womb. Most times there is no noticeable sign that you are pregnant but with the missed period early pregnancy symptoms would begin to occur. There may be tenderness in your breast, fatigue and tiredness, all these are early signs of pregnancy. Most of these signs may cause discomfort, but in many cases they can be relieved. Never fail to speak to your healthcare provider if you notice any unusual pregnancy disorder.

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 Pregnancy and pregnany symptoms

 Once the journey of spermatozoa enters into the fertilized uterus, and conception occurs the body will begin to experience tremendous changes which may not be noticeable at the earlier stage of the pregnancy. Some women can pinpoint the exact time when the conception took place, and would know exactly how to care for their body and the baby from thence on, while others may not until they begin to have some signs of pregnancy. During the first 13weeks or thereabout, you are unlikely to put on significant weight. All you will be experiencing is the momentous changes going on inside of you, trying to adjust to the fact that you are pregnant and the changes it will make in your body and your entire system.

For those women who cares so much about their looks, shapes and skin this may be a really difficult time as they try to prepare their minds for the task of mother-hood ahead of them. Though this change is normal in most women, but after birth your body will go back to normal with just a little exercise to tone up some loosed fat.

 From week to week you will notice significant outer changes in your body like;

Protruding stomach: The stomach begins to protrude as the pregnancy progresses, from week 20 up to the end of the pregnancy. At the end of the pregnancy, which is the delivery of the baby the stomach will go back to its normal shape. The protruding stomach is one of the most significant signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

 Larger breast: The changes in the breast are caused by the secretion of large amount of progesterone and estrogen which the body releases during pregnancy. In some women this may not be too obvious while some women may experience tremendous enlarged breast during the period of pregnancy.  

 Belly button may be stretched: This is due to the increases in size of the baby. As the baby gets larger the belly button begins to stretch out. Its normal in every woman to see the belly button stretched.

 Skin changes: One of the symptoms and signs of pregnancy is the change in the skin texture. The skin begins to feel softer due to the secretion of some hormones that are released during pregnancy. This change includes skin glow which is traditionally referred to as “pregnancy glow”. Some of the skin changes include;

Linear nigra: This is the dark line that runs through the pregnant woman’s pubic bone down to the belly button.

Acne and pimples: in most cases women who are prone to acne and pimple prior to pregnancy tends to have clearer face and skin while those who have not experience acne before may develop acne at this stage. The acne would normally clear off at the mid of the pregnancy.

Palmar erythema: This is a condition where your feet and hand becomes itchy and reddish during pregnancy. This is usually caused by the increase release of estrogen that occurs during pregnancy.

 If any of these symptoms gives you too much discomfort or increases more than normal, visit  your healthcare provider for proper examinations and advice and if possible proper treatment.

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